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Oral Cancer- Silent disease

Saturday April 25th will be the Arizona Oral Cancer Walk 2015. Dr. Thompson has been involved with this event since it began 8 years ago. Oral Cancer is a deadly disease because so often it goes un-diagnosed or found in the later stages. Dr. Michael and Kierland Dental Center strive to change the statistics. Every patient in our office is given a complimentary Oral cancer screening at each of their dental exams.

Join us at the Phoenix Zoo this weekend. For more information click HERE

May is National Sleep Awareness Month!

Could you be one of the millions of Americans who suffer from sleep deprivation?

Read Carefully! This maybe you…

Jack leads a pretty fast paced life. From 5am to 10pm he’s working at the office, caring for his family at home, walking the dogs, bathing the kids, trying to exercise, et cetera, et cetera… By the time Jack turns in for the night, he’s exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep. Problem is, he awakens several times a night. By morning, never feels well rested, sometimes wakes with a headache and hears from his wife that his snoring is getting worse.

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Kierland Dental Center’s Gift of Giving

December 2013- Arizona Mission of Mercy

Kierland Dental Center is revving up for a memorable weekend of volunteering for the Arizona Mission of Mercy.  Last year Dr. Thompson, Melinda, and Hillary volunteered their time and professional skills for the first ever AzMOM.  It was such an inspirational and rewarding experience we are all looking forward to helping again December 13-14.  If you know anyone in need of dental treatment and cannot afford proper care please spread the word.

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