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Bad Breath

Everyone wants to have pleasant breath.  The mouth is the main source of bad breath, so a healthy mouth reduces the number one source of odor.  Two of the main causes of bad breath are:

The Tongue – As bacteria accumulates on top of the tongue, bad breath becomes a problem.  This is mainly due to the sulfur compounds produced by the bacteria.  This process can be emphasized by low carb/high protein diets, although it may not make a significant difference.  Cleaning the top of the tongue with a tongue scraper (or, at very least your toothbrush) helps keep the bacteria count low, thus helping to eliminate bad breath.

Gum Disease – The bacteria created by gum disease cause a distinctive odor.  Depending on the severity, there are several options available that can cure gum .

Tips for Good Breath:

  1. Brush, floss and clean the tongue – Oral hygiene is extremely important.
  2. Drink a lot of water – Dehydration limits the amount of saliva in the mouth and saliva helps to remove food particles and bacteria.
  3. Eat the parsley on the dinner plate – Parsley increases saliva.
  4. Chew gum with Xylitol sweetener – Chewing gum increase saliva and this particular sweetener t discourages the growth of bad bacteria.

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