Dental Facts 20-40 Years Old

Ideally, you have entered the young adult years without a lot of damage to the permanent teeth.  If you arrive at your 20’s with a full set of healthy teeth, your focus should now be on good maintenance of the teeth.  The following recommendations will help to ensure good maintenance:

  1. Keep up the 6 month cleanings and check ups
  2. Continue with fluoride treatments – you are never too old to benefit
  3. Replace old restorations at the first sign of leakage.  We do not want to see fillings grow up to become crowns (especially those that require root canals).  Think of these restorations as if they were tires – it doesn’t make sense to try and go a little longer than recommended.
  4. Wear a night guard to bed – don’t let your teeth be damaged from wear
  5. Wear a mouth guard when playing sports

These recommendations have saved my patients hours in the chair and thousands of dollars!

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