Dental Facts – Seniors

At this stage, it is important to manage complex dental and medical issues that have evolved over a lifetime.  Cleanings and exams must be done more often to prevent small problems from turning into big ones.  With preventative maintenance every 3 to 4 months, you will save thousands of dollars by avoiding new problems.

Just as our teeth wear down, so can dental restorations.  This causes some people to need major dental treatment just to maintain their current level of health.  These unexpected problems can be minimized with regular check-ups (every 3 to 4 months) because they give the dentist the information needed to prevent problems or catch them in the early stages.

Medicare does not cover our dental needs, which causes most seniors to be without dental insurance.  If you are a senior without dental insurance, this practice is your best value! We are one of the few dental practices that will subtract the typical overhead costs we encounter when working with insurance providers.  The elimination of these costs translates into a 10% discount for our non-insured patients.  In addition, we offer all patients a 5% discount if they pre-pay by cash or check for the services to be received.  That is a potential savings of 15% for all our patients without insurance.

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