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 4/2014r. t award 2014

Congratulations to our amazing dentist!  Dr. Michael Thompson was awarded “Dentist of the Year” by the Arizona Dental Association.  We are proud to to be a part of such a wonderful practice and working for a dentist that is not only respected by his patient’s but also his peers.


Happy Halloween everyone!  Last night I was watching Late Night with David Letterman.  His topic for the top 10 list was “Top 10 Things Vladimir Putin has learned by spying on the United States”.  I could not help but laugh when he read off  #7- 97% of American’s lie to their dentist about flossing.  How sad but true!

Flossing is extremely important to the overall care of our oral hygiene.  Please read this article by Discovery Fit and Health that discusses the 5 Reasons Why Flossing is Extremely Important.  There is no need to lie to us anymore get on the band wagon and floss away!


Scientists have long speculated that one of the functions of sleep is to restore and repair the brain, but whether this is a “core” purpose of sleep remains controversial.  Now, a paper published in Science this week  on page 373 provides direct experimental evidence that the mouse brain cleans itself during sleep, by expanding channels between neurons and allow and influx of cerebrospinal fluid.  The fluid flushes out detritus such as amyloid proteins, which accumulate as plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease, twice as fast when mice are sleeping as when they are awake.

Kierland Dental Center specializes in treatment of Sleep Apnea.  There are many reason we should ensure we get quality sleep.  Reading this article hit home having family members that have suffered from this debilitating disease.  Taking steps to help prevent future health problems should be in all of our thoughts.  If you or anyone you know suffer from Sleep Apnea and would like more information on how this can be treated dentally in many cases please call for a complimentary consultation (480) 556-0310


Can you believe we are already in February! We are all looking forward to the beautiful weather that we wait all year for. The healthier and happier we are the more we smile ear to ear. Lets make this a great year and promote healthy living for us and those we love. The American Dental Association has launched a new website for the public called Dental Symptom Checker. This site is similar to Web MD but for the dental community. Our patients know they can always call for any questions they may have but this is a convenient site to visit when you may have a question regarding dentistry and your health. Click HERE to visit this new site.


Kierland Dental Center is proud to announce we will be hosting our annual Candy Buy Back program to support our troops. Our collection will begin Nov. 1-7. Please call first for our office hours (480) 556-0310. Click HERE to watch a video showing what this program does.



Our office supports cancer research and looks forward to celebrating a cure one day. Too many of us know someone with breaest cancer, yet few people know that the dental team is an important part of the cancer care team. We can help eliminate infection in the mouth prior to cancer treatment and make woman more comfortable if treatment causes side effects like sores in the mouth or dry mouth. For more information to share with you family and friends click HERE


Did you know???

During the Dark Ages (400-1400 A.D) a popular belief was that you could grow back a tooth by obtaining a tooth from someone else, ideally from a hanged criminal.


Did you know that simply taking the time to brush and floss your teeth daily may save your life? There are now studies out that show having plaque build up and gum disease quadruples the chance of heart attacks. If having routine dental cleanings could help prevent a heart attack why isn’t everyone doing so. Maybe it is that they were unaware of the link. Click HERE to see what Dr. Oz has to say about dental health and our hearts.


It seems theses days we all know someone that has or will be going through Chemotherapy. Many do not realize the effects that this treatment has on our teeth. Click here to read an article Kierland Dental Center thought you may find helpful and informative. Or visit our FACEBOOK page to read this and see what we are up to.


Have you read the news lately??? Our very own Dr. Michael Thompson was rated as “Top Doc” in Phoenix Magazine’s Top Dentists’ 2012 Edition. This is a wonderful acknowledgement but no surprise considering the quality of care Kierland Dental Center provides to all of our patients. We strive to always be caring, compassionate, and detail oriented while providing the best dental care. Congratulations Dr. Thompson! Keep up the great work.


Oral Cancer does not discriminate! Dr. Thompson had the opportunity to walk for Oral Cancer Awareness two weeks ago. At the walk he met a wonderful young woman of 19 years of age who was recently diagnosed for Oral Cancer. Her story touched everyone deeply. Society tends to think in order to get Oral Cancer you need to consume large amounts of alcohol and smoke. This is obviously not the case. We have seen recently in the news more famous people being diagnosed with this terribly debilitating disease. Routine visits to your dentist that include and oral cancer screening can help us all fight this disease. Dr. Thompson provided Oral Cancer screenings to ALL of our patients at every routine exam. If you are overdue so not hesitate to call and schedule your appointment. Your health is important to all of us at Kierland Dental Center.

Click here to learn more about Oral Cancer




Weekly fun dental fact…or fiction:

Today we had one of our favorite patients in our office and she brought up an interesting explanation as to why she feels more pain than the average patient and subsequently needs more anesthetic… She’s a redhead. When I heard this I decided we needed to research this further. Come to find out there has been growing research on this. According to The Journal of the American Dental Association redheads need larger doses of anesthesia and often have a resistance to local pain blockers like Novocaine. Researcher link this to a mutation in the same gene that affects hair color. Very fascinating! We will be taking a closer look at how our other “gingers” handle their future appointments.

Click here to read more


Weekly fun dental facts:

Blacksmiths in early America often served as Dentists. Also, Paul Revere was also advertised himself as a dentist. He was one of the first to use dental forensics to identify a friend killed in the Battle of Breeds Hill by the bridge he had constructed him.

Click here to read about more interesting facts about dental history. We have come a long way!


Dr. Thompson in the news! Dr. Thompson talks about the best whitening options for your teeth in January’s issue of “Scottsdale Business and Life”. Click here to read more.



Weekly Fun Dental Facts:
18 Yards of Floss are bought each year per person…
122 yards- the amount of floss that should be bought each year per person!
Lets get Flossing!!! 🙂



The average amount of money left by the tooth fairy in 1950 was 25 cents. In 1988 it was $1.00 and in 2011 it was $2.35.

Being a parent I often wonder where this tradition had come from. I have always thought of the tooth fairy as a beautiful fairy much like the good witch Glenda from the story Wizard of Oz. I decided to further investigate this mythical creation and found some fascinating information. Many countries have also celebrated this mark of passage of growing from child to an adult. The most common mythical character is a mouse or a white rat that will purchase the discarded teeth with coins. There was a French Fairy tale in which a mouse hid under the king’s pillow and knocked out all of his teeth so that the queen could overthrow him. I tend to prefer our version of the tooth fairy whether it be a beautiful fairy princess or the Rock from the movie “Tooth Fairy”. Mice crawling around the house is never pleasant! Click here to read more about the history of the tooth fairy.


Halloween Candy Buy Back 2011!!!!

Kierland Dental Center is taking YOUR left over candy. All donations will be shipped overseas to our troops. Help us brighten the day of an American Soldier. Candy will be collected November 1-3. Prizes for donating include Kids Sonicare Toothbrush, Dilly’s Deli gift certificates, and AZ Airtime is donating free 2 Hour passes!! Thank you to all of our sponsors.

Hopefully we will see all of you. Please call ahead (480) 556-0310


John Lennon’s tooth is going up for auction. Amazing how much some individuals will pay for one tooth…. don’t let the little kids know or they may feel the tooth fairy is holding back. Click HERE to view the whole story.


Did you know…
$50 Billion is spent on Dental Care
$100 Billion is spent on Hair Care
*Kierland Dental Center is here to provide quality dentistry at an affordable price. Let us help you make your dental health a priority!



Check out this blog regarding Acid vs. Smiles- great information everyone should know brought to you by your very own dentist the Best Dentist around! Click HEREto read more.


Dr. Thompson heads to Midwestern University for a special teaching engagement. Dr. Michael Thompson is a top doctor in Arizona regarding excellent cosmetic dentistry, caring family dental care, and treatment for Sleep Apnea. Midwestern University Glendale campus has asked him to teach the dental students about dental treatment for Sleep Apnea. It is always rewarding to know that his expertise and knowledge are being sought after in other facets of dentistry, not just as your great family dentist. We will add photos soon. Once again we are all proud of you Dr. Thompson!!!

Weekly Dental Fact

*The major causes of tooth loss in people under age 35 are sports, accidents and fights
We can help prevent this from happening to yourself or child. Dr. Thompson offers a variety of custom sports guards depending on the level of contact in the sport. Many have used the “boil and bite” appliances that can be made in your home. These can and will fall out and never fit appropriately for complete protection. In order to truely protect your percious smiles it will only cost $145 and take a very minimal amount of time. One injury can cause a lifetime of problems. An appliance made now may last the rest of your life. The appliance can come in your team colors! Call today to schedule your appointment (480) 556-0310.

Periodontal Disease and Fertility

Studies have shown that it takes woman with gum disease an additional two months to get pregnant than the average woman without gum disease. For couples trying to concieve, gum diease is a fairly simple condition to treat. Click here to read the article and do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment with our hygienist to get your oral health ontrac!

Dementia and Oral Health

I have recently had to face dementia within my own family. If you know anyone who may suffer from dementia please read this article “Dirty Mouths Lead to Dirty Hearts” there is a lot of excellent information. Our oral hygiene effects the health of our heart.

Coronado High School Golf Tournament:

Dr. Michael Thompson and Melinda represented Kierland Dental Center this past weekend at a charity golf tournament to raise money for Coronado High School’s band program. They helped raise over $7,000 for this local school’s band program. Music and arts is a crucial part of our youths education. We are proud to say here at Kierland Dental Center that we are involved and actively helping our community in more ways than just our dental health. Check here to see our photos!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Dr. Michael Thompson and his staff will be going to different schools to educate our youth on the importance of dental health. We are excited to be sharing our knowledge and helping our next generation have the health and smiles they deserve! If you would like any information or free printouts to share with your kids let us know. Click here to see a fun and interactive video for children to learn about the dentist.

Stem Cell Research and Your Teeth

Did you know that the pulp tissue inside teeth contains stem cells with amazing potential for use to cure disease and regenerative body parts?

There are over 5,000 studies in the research literature about dentally derived stem cells.

As of January 2011 there are over 700 human clinical trials underway involving dentally derived stem cells.

It is now possible to save baby teeth or wisdom teeth for use in the future should a medical need arise.

Click here for further information.

Dr. Thompson Volunteers for Christina’s Smiles

Dr. Thompson has volunteered his time each year for Christina’s Smiles. It has been such an awarding experience for Dr. Thompson and the staff. This year he was accompanied by his Lead Dental Assistant, Chelsea. Click here to read all about it!

Oral Cancer Awareness Week and Facts

More than 8,000 people die annually in the United States from the brutal ravages of oral cancer, the disease which is now wasting actor Michael Douglas, one of the 40,000 Americans who last year were diagnosed. Approximately 40% of the members of our community who were screened at John C. Lincoln’s program last year were referred for follow up care for oral, head, and neck cancer.

Dr. Michael Thompson will be volunteering his time for this cause. If you or any one you know is interested in recieving a screening please contact John C. Lincoln Hospital North Mountain. The screenings will take place Saturday, May 14th.

Knocked-Out Teeth
Teeth that have been knocked-out (avulsed teeth) can be re-implanted if the conditions are right, which is always our first thought in an emergency. However, a cost/benefit analysis will show it is more cost effective to replace the missing teeth with an implant as soon as possible. This is because the re-implanted tooth will inevitably end up requiring a dental implant. This paradigm shifted only a few years back!

Special Dental Needs for Expecting Mothers
Women are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease during pregnancy. This is mainly due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy that make the gums and teeth more susceptible to plaque (it is a myth that tooth decay is caused by the baby depleting the calcium from the mother’s body). In addition to being harmful to the mother, research suggests that gum disease (an infection of the gums which causes changes in the blood) can cause premature birth and/or low birth weight. Therefore, it is important that expecting mothers practice excellent plaque removal strategies before, during and after pregnancy.

The evidence connecting gum disease to premature birth and/or low birth weight continues to grow. Some medical insurance companies now pay for pregnant women to have their teeth cleaned and gums treated several times during their pregnancies

Oral piercings
Oral piercings have been around for some time now and people continue to ask me if they are safe. The answer is unequivocally no; tongue piercings are not safe and they have many risks. A piercing through the tongue is considered surgery in the medical professions and should never be taken lightly. Proper care must be employed in order to avoid hitting large blood vessels and to prevent the risk of infection. If an infection and fever set in, a trip to the emergency room will be necessary. This is because an IV with antibiotics will need to be administered in order to ensure the infection does not spread to the brain.

Even if the piercing is performed without any complications, the plastic or metal stud can cause many dental problems. Tongue piercings rub against the gums and the teeth, causing gum stripping (which requires surgery to repair) and broken teeth (which requires crowns). The potential risks do not outweigh the benefits of being perceived as “cool.” I wore some pretty funny outfits in the 70’s and I’m just glad they weren’t permanent.

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