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Going Green

Dr. Thompson and his staff are committed to limiting the office’s impact on the environment. Recently, the office has undergone various changes to assist the office in its goal of decreasing paper, chemical and electricity consumption.

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Kierland Dental Center a green office click HERE


Kierland Dental Center uses a service to shred all paper items and are then recycled.  As of August 2014 KDC has saved 13.2 trees with our recycling efforts.

All items available for city recycling are taken by Corrina, our patient coordinator to recycling drop offs weekly.

Digital Radiography & Photography

By changing over to digital x-rays and photography, Dr. Thompson’s office has eliminated the need for film and processing chemicals. In addition, the office now sends all x-rays as a digital file to labs and doctors, as opposed to using the post office.

Digital Records

All new patients’ records are entered digitally and old patient files have been converted digitally in order to significantly cut down on the amount of paper and ink the office uses.


The office has decreased the amount of light bulbs and has converted from CFL to LED. This is the most up to date technology that uses the minimal amount of wattage.  For more information on this topic check here.

Automatic Timers & Other Means to Decrease Electricity Use

To cut down on electricity consumption, all air-conditioning units, heat pumps and computers are now controlled by automatic smart timers that know when to shut down units not in use.   In addition, double pain windows allow the office to decrease the amount of electricity needed to power the air-conditioning.

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