Porcelain Veneers

For the first time in history, dentists are able to completely change the look of teeth without needing to cut teeth down. This revolution has been made possible through the use of porcelain veneers. In many cases a thin layer of porcelain fabricated by a laboratory, is bonded to a natural tooth in order to replace lost tooth structure, close gaps, straighten teeth or change the color and /or shape.

Porcelain veneers are guaranteed to be the color you want and will create the shape and symmetry you have always wanted in your beautiful smile.

This state of the art procedure is revolutionizing the dental industry and has added a great alternative to achieving the cosmetically appealing and natural look your teeth deserve.

A porcelain veneer is a custom made tooth colored wafer thin material that can cover the front of your teeth. When bonded to your teeth by an experienced dentist like Dr. Thompson, they can be used to change the length, size or shape of your teeth while maintaining that perfect color.

Applying dental veneers usually is a two (2) step procedure, and can be used on many teeth or just one. When inquiring about dental veneers and the look you are trying to achieve, a thorough exam by Dr. Thompson will determine if veneers will work for you and can be used to achieve your dental goals.

When preparing your teeth for porcelain veneers, a small portion of your existing enamel will be removed. The veneer replacing this enamel will be approximately the same thickness. Dr. Thompson will then take an impression of this tooth so the porcelain veneer can be made.

When placing the veneer, Dr. Thompson always checks the color and then trims the veneer to achieve the perfect fit. After making sure the veneer is an exact fit, it is bonded into place.

For very unsightly teeth, porcelain veneers are a perfect way to get that natural tooth appearance back. The advantages of this procedure are not only the stain resistant qualities of the porcelain, the natural and appealing look you will gain, but the fact that your gum tissue can tolerate the porcelain veneer treatment is easy and long lasting.

Dental veneers require no special care, just continue your good oral hygiene and have regular cleanings at your dental office.

Call Kierland Dental Center for any questions on veneers. They are a perfect way to recreate the natural look of your teeth while not compromising the strength of the structure of your teeth and adding a protective layer comparable to the enamel on your teeth.