Repair Worn & Chipped Teeth

Wear and tear over the lifetime of our teeth will create damage requiring restoration of otherwise healthy teeth, especially in regards to our front teeth.

Teeth that are chipped or worn should be restored with tooth-colored materials. Currently, there are 2 classes of materials used for restoring damaged teeth:

Composite Resin

  • Completed in one appointment
  • Less costly
  • Weaker material
  • Stains over time


  • Completed in two appointments
  • More costly
  • Very strong material
  • Stain resistant

Both of these materials are used for fillings, veneers and crowns. Depending on the circumstances, one material may be more suitable than the other. Dr. Thompson always takes his time to explain the patient’s options and to discuss the costs and benefit of each treatment.

In order to help prevent worn or chipped teeth, Dr. Thompson highly recommends the use of a mouth guard while sleeping if there are signs the patient grinds his/her teeth.