Teeth Straightening

Smile with Confidence

Dr. Thompson offers the following services to address crooked teeth. However, in most cases, Dr. Thompson recommends patients receive traditional braces or Invisalign when correcting crooked teeth. This is because an orthodontist can typically offer the best long-term solution. Dr. Thompson routinely teams ups with orthodontists throughout the Valley to provide his patients with the best outcome possible.

Instant Straight Teeth

With careful planning, we can often restore teeth in a single day and create the appearance of straightened teeth. This is done by replacing old fillings and crowns with a matched set of onlays (crowns or veneers) that create a fabulous, uniform appearance of straight, white teeth.

Frequently, we can create the appearance of straight, white teeth by restoring them with porcelain restorations. This technique can typically produce a “perfect” smile in one day, while also providing the color and over-all appearance of that gorgeous smile you have always wanted.