Child/Pediatric Dentistry

Kierland Dental Center takes pride in treating your children with the best dental care. Dental care for your little ones should begin once their first teeth come in. Early detection is essential in maintaining your child’s dental health throughout their life. Our goal is to maintain all of your child’s primary teeth decay free until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt. Dr. Thompson will place sealants throughout the mouth to help protect the biting surfaces of the teeth.

Sealants are a great way to protect your children’s teeth from cavities and tooth decay. The back molars, especially in children, is where most of the chewing is done and can be prone to cavities. Sealants are a clear or shaded plastic that is applied over the teeth to protect them from any decay. Flossing and brushing is important to maintain cavity free teeth. Sometimes your children even though they constantly brush cannot keep bacteria and food from build-up in the tiny grooves and crevices of their teeth. A dental sealant keeps plaque and food away from teeth and greatly reduces the risk of cavities.

Dental sealants usually last for many years with good oral hygiene. It is comforting to know that your child’s teeth will be protected through the years they are most susceptible to cavities.

Application of sealant on your child’s teeth is a very easy process and takes only one visit. Once the area is cleaned, prepared and dried, the application of the sealant begins and then it is given time to harden.

Dr. Thompson is a skilled and knowledgeable dentist when it comes to your child. He is dedicated to preserve their oral health from a young age through their teen years. Dr. Thompson and his staff at Kierland Dental Center always show compassion and patience with your child knowing this can be an anxious experience for them.

Baby teeth begin coming in during their first months. Teeth begin falling out at ages six or seven and their permanent teeth start to come in. Proper oral hygiene and dental care are a must at this stage of their young lives or they risk the possibility of tooth decay and other dental diseases throughout their life.