Night Guards

Dr. Thompson has been creating night guards/splints for his patients for many years. Clenching and grinding is a very common problem for a wide range of ages. Here at Kierland Dental Center we provide state of the art custom mouth appliances. This is a very cost effective way to prevent many years of damage on your teeth. If not treated the results can be much worse; broken teeth, root canal treatment, fixed bridge work, or even tooth loss. Night guards are a custom made model of your mouth and are easy to insert and remove.

You may be grinding your teeth at night or even during the day and not even realize it. Grinding your teeth is usually a result of anxiety or stress, but can also be caused by a sleep disorder, crowned or missing teeth or a bite that is not normal. If you notice any of these symptoms; a jaw that is sore, painful teeth or unexplained loose teeth, low grade headaches, and a tooth that appears forward or chipped all can be the result of excessive grinding.

Grinding ones teeth is also a problem children experience. Though this can lead to bigger problems if they continue grinding as an adult, because of their constantly changing and growing jaw and teeth. The grinding is usually not as damaging. Reasons children grind their teeth include allergies, mouth irritation or teeth that have not aligned properly. If you know your child grinds and it concerns you, it is best to call Dr. Thompson’s office. Let him examine your child for the exact causes and possible solutions.

A night guard’s purpose is to protect your teeth at night from constant grinding. A mouth guard is used more to protect you from oral injuries that can occur during sports. Some people grind their teeth all day. Wearing a night guard during the day can be uncomfortable as well and as visually not appealing. But, occasionally wearing it while not in public or in places where you are comfortable using it, like while driving, can help prevent damage to your teeth from constant grinding.

Custom mouth guards and night guards are designed in your dental office to fit each individual’s teeth and mouth structure. The guard is made to fit and rest comfortably in your mouth, be resistant to tears, durable and very easy to clean. The night or mouth guard should be made to not restrict your speech or breathing. These are all advantages of custom fitted night guards.

Some cleaning tips for your night guard:

  • Use cold water or mouth wash to rinse your guard after each use
  • Use cold soapy water to thoroughly rinse your night guard
  • Always store your night guard in the special container you will receive
  • Whenever visiting the dentist bring your guard so it can be checked for wear

The question is, “do I really need a night guard?” This question is best answered by a professional. Dr. Thompson at Kierland Dental Center has the experience to determine if a night guard is right for you.