Oral Hygiene/Check-ups

Maintaining your dental health

Kierland Dental Center recommends all patients should be seen by Dr. Thompson and our well trained dental staff two times a year for a dental exam and professional cleaning. Patients that are in full dentures should be seen at least once per year.

Our protocol for routine check ups include a thorough exam by Dr. Thompson that includes an Oral Cancer Screening, soft tissue exam, and clinical evaluation of all existing teeth and dental restorations. Check up x-rays are taken once per year of if diagnostically necessary with our state of the art digital films. A professional dental cleaning will also be completed by one of our talented dental hygienists. It is proven that tartar (calculus) will begin to form on the teeth within in 90 days of a professional cleaning. Many patients benefit from a more frequent recall system than twice a year.

Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is being diagnosed in more than 100 patients per day. In the past it had been stereo typically thought of only effecting patients that smoked and consumed alcoholic beverages. This is a misconception. It can effect people of all ages and can be detected in this non-evasive exam that may take 5 minutes of your time.