Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay : Fillings

Infections of the teeth and gums caused by the organisms that live in plaque have long been the number one disease affecting human beings.  Plaque will always be a reality that we have to deal with, so plaque reduction strategies remain critical in order to avoid tooth decay (caries). With proper care, it is entirely possible to raise your children to adulthood with little or no decay to their teeth.   I have done this with my 3 children and with hundreds more who are in my family of patients.  Sadly, when I volunteer at the Desert Mission Children’s Dental Clinic, I see abnormally high decay rates that cause countless problems.  I also see patients who had all the same preventive care as my own children who later develop a mouthful of problems due to a change in their diet and/or oral hygiene.

Decay will always occur when the conditions allow it to develop.  With regular check-ups, dentists can catch tooth decay before too much damage occurs.  Regular check-ups can save your smile, in addition to saving you from expensive dental treatments.

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