Unattractive Dental Work

There are various reasons dental work that once looked great can grow weak or discolored over time. Since our current population is living much longer, previous dental work is being tested to its limits. Some of the most common problems that patients visit the offices of Dr. Thompson are:


Older bonding materials are known to discolor over time. Silver fillings begin to oxidize as time goes on which is a chemical reaction to oxygen. This causes the filling to turn black and leads to permanent discoloring. This process can also affect the adjacent gum tissue, known as an amalgam tattoo. Because silver fillings are extremely durable, the oxidizing process usually means your silver filling is also beginning to wear out. At this point many patients desire a more natural look when dealing with discolored silver fillings.

Kierland Dental Center offers many options to restore your black or stained silver fillings. Tooth-colored restorations can restore the natural beauty of your teeth by removing the old silver filling and replacing it with a tooth colored resin, porcelain inlays, onlays, ceramic or porcelain crown. All give your teeth a stunning conforming look with the smile you desire.


While ceramic and porcelain do not discolor, resin-based restorations can change color over time. This can cause teeth that used to match to look mismatched later on. Restorations can be made with a wide range of different materials. It is best if you notice any changes in the color of your restoration to visit Dr. Thompson’s office. A thorough exam can determine the right course of action to treat the discoloring problem.


Crowns, veneers and bonding that once looked great can begin to look less attractive over time. There are many reasons restorations can start to deteriorate. A receding gum line or other factors concerning the structure around the restorations like erosion. Over the years maybe cracks have occurred and they are beginning to show signs of breakage.

As with all restorations, the material used originally can have a great deal to do with the failure of your current restoration problem. Maybe it is an old restoration and the properties of the material along with the techniques used back then were limited.

The good news is at Kierland Dental Center we can bring back that beautiful smile. The most important aspect to any restoration is the skill and experience of the operator. Dr. Thompson has been doing restorations, whether repairing existing or missing teeth or repairing a restoration that has started to crack or discolor or just does not look right anymore.

You can choose a resin based product, that is less costly or a ceramic material that costs more, but is stronger and stain resistant.

Whichever way you choose to repair your unattractive dental work, Dr. Thompson always explains thoroughly the options available to you, how each procedure will benefit the patient and the costs involved.

In order to help prevent worn or chipped teeth a mouth guard is highly recommended, especially to be worn while sleeping.